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Casino and Bingo on the go!

Digital space is invading every sphere of your life. Casino and Bingo firms are facing stiff competition from mobile applications. Playtech is a popular gaming portal which has introduced live casino and bingo games to entertain people. Individuals need not go to a casino or Bingo firm to experience gambling, they can do it with their smartphones.

Playtech Online gaming software

They are the pioneers of online gaming software. The world’s first European casino went online in 2002, it was powered by Playtech. The company has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Their online software include live casino, poker network, sports betting platform, bingo network, bingo sites etc.,

Playtech recently launched the variant of bingo called Rainbow Riches Bingo, this was developed by an experienced bingo team. This online gaming software was built in partnership with scientific games.

They had earlier developed a multi-channel land – based bingo game which enjoyed huge popularity. This online gaming software is now available as a mobile and online variant. The company developed software which were compatible with handheld mobiles, tablet platforms. Now they are following it up with desktop platforms.

Rainbow riches bingo

The game has been designed after meticulous work over many months. The game is network based and ensures that there are maximum winners on a daily basis. Reward mechanism is similar to that of Rainbow road which offers gold, silver and bronze prize bands. The Rainbow riches bingo product is highly innovative. It has new features which differentiate the product from its earlier versions. However, to retain the authenticity of the classic game, the bonuses and characters have been kept as is.

Playtech’s product range

Playtech is an online gaming platform. It offers a range of products including Casino, Bingo, Poker, Live Games, Sports betting, mobile, lottery etc., All the games provided by Playtech are part of an unified platform. They are also flexible to integrate one game with another, which enables ultimate gaming experience. Casino and Bingo firms are trying to provide a very authentic experience. They are making it user friendly, interesting by including many jackpots.

Fun casino games on your mobile

Blackjack – This is another popular game in casino bars. Blackjack applications are available for Android and Apple smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Poker – Poker is a popular game in the casino bar. There are numerous variations in this game. Mobile applications revolving around poker have been built. They offer a real deck experience with various algorithms built into the system.

Craps – craps is a popular casino game, where strategy is involved. There are two dice which have to be rolled. Depending on the bet you placed, you either win or lose.

Keno – This is a game of luck, where you call out a number and see if it shows up. If the number shows up, then you stand to win the bet. Else, you continue to play on.

Bingo – In US alone, a whopping $90 million is spent on bingo every week! This suggests that this game is immensely popular across ages. It is also a game that many families like to play together. Bingo Pop is a popular application in this space which offers an authentic experience with 15 different rooms with over 100 other players. This application will work online and offline.

Slot machines – These are luck based games, they require no strategies. There are websites which provide new variations of this game every day. They are immensely popular amongst youth. They are an easy way to kill time.

Roulette – This is again a game which kills time. There is no strategy required here. A ball just goes around a roulette table. If the ball stops at a number on which the bet is placed, then the one who placed the bet wins. There are many Roulette casino style applications available for Apple and Android smartphones, tablets etc.,

Impact of Brexit on online gaming software

UK continues to be a leading investor in this space. Online gaming software companies find the regulations conducive. There are many corporates who are willing to invest aggressively in this space. Although the confidence Index is under questionable conditions, industry experts suggest that there will be no major impact on online gaming software. The pound has depreciated, however, the profits of the industry seems to be intact. Investments continue to pour into this stream; there is immense growth potential in this industry over the long run. Investors do not see any major impact due to new Government formation in UK. The policies will continue to support the growth of gaming industry in UK and across the world.